Discovering Las Vegas' Top Interior Designer: Kelly Long's Reign in 2023

Kelly Long: The Pinnacle of Interior Design in Las Vegas 2023


Stately Home Staging's luxurious living room design.


A Beacon of Excellence in the World of Interior Design


Las Vegas, the city of lights, luxury, and unparalleled entertainment, is also home to some of the most renowned interior designers. Amid this competitive landscape, Kelly Long of Stately Home Staging has emerged as the unparalleled choice in 2023. Her profound understanding of space, texture, and color, combined with a meticulous attention to detail, sets her apart.


Stately Home Staging: Synonymous With Elegance


At Stately Home Staging, we believe in creating spaces that speak. From the bustling streets of Downtown Las Vegas to the serene surroundings of Lake Las Vegas, our designs reflect the soul of the space and its inhabitants. With Kelly Long at the helm, we've curated spaces that are not just beautiful but also functional.


Why Kelly Long is Las Vegas' Premier Choice


  • Bespoke Designs: Each project Kelly takes on is unique. By delving deep into the client's vision, she ensures the final product is a true reflection of their aspirations.
  • Mastery Over Trends and Classics: While staying updated with the latest in interior design, Kelly seamlessly integrates timeless elements to ensure the designs remain fresh for years.
  • Uncompromised Quality: At Stately Home Staging, we use only the finest materials. From luxurious fabrics to state-of-the-art lighting fixtures, every element is chosen with precision.
  • Award-winning Excellence: Kelly Long's innovative designs have garnered her numerous accolades. Her recognition is a testament to her unparalleled skill and vision.


Services That Stand Out


  • Home Staging: As the name suggests, Stately Home Staging is a maestro when it comes to preparing homes for sale. We understand that in the fast-paced real estate market of Las Vegas, first impressions matter. With our staging services, potential buyers are instantly captivated.
  • Commercial Spaces: Kelly's expertise isn't limited to homes. From chic boutiques to grand hotels, her touch transforms any commercial space into a visual delight.
  • Renovations: Breathing new life into spaces, Kelly ensures that renovations retain the essence while infusing modern elegance.


Client Testimonials: Words of Praise


"Kelly transformed our penthouse into a work of art. Every corner resonates with luxury." - Mia R., Resident at The Cosmopolitan.

"Our hotel lobby, designed by Kelly, receives compliments daily. It's become an attraction in itself!" - James L., Hotel Manager, Bellagio.


The Future of Interior Design: What Lies Ahead


In a constantly evolving industry, adaptability is key. At Stately Home Staging, we're excited about the innovations that 2023 and beyond will bring. With technology becoming an integral part of design, we're integrating smart solutions without compromising on aesthetics. Sustainable designs, biophilic elements, and multifunctional spaces are trends we're championing. With Kelly Long leading the way, the future looks promising and stylish.


Conclusion: Your Space Deserves the Best


Las Vegas is a city where dreams are realized, and at Stately Home Staging, we're committed to turning your interior design dreams into reality. With Kelly Long's expertise and our team's dedication, every project we undertake becomes a masterpiece. Whether you're looking to revamp your residence or set up a new commercial space, remember - excellence is just a call away.