Las Vegas Magazine Staging your home office can be key in selling your home quickly in Las Vegas



APRIL 28, 2022


You’ve made the decision to sell your home. But are you confident that it will sell quickly once prospective buyers get a look at the interior? If not, that’s where Stately Home Staging comes in. The Las Vegas-based company specializes in making areas of your home pop, and this week’s installment focuses on one you might overlook: The home office.


Las Vegas Magazine’s Ken Miller interviewed Heidi Carlsen, lead interior designer with Stately Home Staging, to get some answers that will hopefully help you make a more informed decision when you are selling your property.


Why is the home office so important to stage when selling a home?


With so many people working from home these days, it’s good to paint a picture of how a work-life balance could unfold in the home buyer’s potential home. Many homes have a designated den or office with built-in shelving. Open shelving can feel a little intimidating. Instead of having shelves stacked with books, it’s good to be able to show people from a design aspect how to arrange books, picture frames and home/office decor to boost motivation.




What are the most important things to remember in staging the home office?


Keeping a simplistic design that is clutter-free, light and welcoming. Your environment affects your mood, as do colors and light in any given space. Take advantage of natural light, having the desk facing toward windows when possible. If the space doesn’t have access to natural light, bring in lamps for extra lighting. Also think of subtly colored canvas art and botanicals to brighten up the room.


What kind of design facets are important to consider in the home office apart from other areas of a house?


A home office’s furnishings should reflect the same style as the rest of the home. It’s always nice to showcase a view when possible. If the home office is adjacent to a master bedroom or shares a space with another room, it can be nice to put a small area rug down to designate the space; it helps give the area its own identity. A home office shouldn’t feel like a stuffy cubicle! Remember, this is a place that’s supposed to facilitate inspiration. Grand office chairs suggest that you are the boss of the space and can help people envision where they can be productive.


Have home offices played a more significant role since the start of the pandemic?


Yes, over the past two years people have worked from home more than ever before. It doesn’t seem like that will be changing in the near future. Staging a home office showcases the potential functionality that a property may have. You can keep the home’s design/style consistent throughout the office, avoiding the feeling of a corporate setting. For potential homebuyers, this can be very appealing!