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Stately Home Staging in Las Vegas was created with a singular goal in mind to enhance the appearance and ability to sell the properties in our community.


Since our start, we’ve partnered with independent home sellers, real estate agents, and home builders alike to unlock the full potential of many spaces.


We know what you see, but what does your buyer see? We aim to make those visions align as we are staging homes for sale.

Professional at Every Turn

We have perfected our home staging services to elevate the design of your property. With an expert’s interior design portfolio, decades of white-glove delivery service, and unique, quality home furnishings, our staging services are a step above the rest. Find out how we set the standard for professionalism and customer service by getting in touch with our team now.

Clients Are Important


Each client of our interior agency is our best friend, whom we want to make an incredible gift through high-quality results.



Do you love experiments? It is an inevitable part of our everyday life. Creativity cant live without experimental approaches.

Personal Growth


Open the world of interior design with our company. Both our staff and clients are able to improve their personal architecture vision.

Staging Process


Staging homes to sell in Las Vegas may seem complicated, but we’re here to simplify the process and handle the hard work for you. From your consultation to our final farewell, we prioritize your requests and concerns every step of the way.

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How It Works



First, we start with the consultation. During this consultation you will get the chance to tell us what sort of interior design styles you’re aiming for and show us the space by sharing photos of or taking us to see it. Whether you want to sell the property or redesign your own home, we take your needs into account before we get started.



Next, we begin staging. Our professionals offer white-glove delivery and setup services for your convenience. No heavy lifting, no assembling parts yourself — we do all of it for you. From the right rug texture to the placement of the lamps, we ensure every item is carefully set where it can make the best possible statement for your space.



Finally, we offer you a choice. If you sell the property and need all the home staging items removed, we’ll gladly take them back. However, if you’ve fallen in love with the items and want them to stay, they are all for purchase. Mix and match what works best for you.

Interior Design

From Floor to Skylights

We have curated a collection of home staging furniture, lighting options, and decor that is for more than just show. Return them when you’re finished, or purchase them to use forever. Whatever you choose, we are here to give you what you want. Contact our team now for your initial consultation.

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“Heidi and her team are exceptional.  Their designs transform each room into a beautiful living space.  Our clients are always happy with the quality and cost of their services.”

Carla Redmond

Real Estate Agent Simply Vegas 


“Stately Home Staging exceeded my expectations!  From start to finish they completed each task professionally and efficiently.  They are now the only staging company I will use.”

Gisella Carbone

Real Estate Agent Simply Vegas 

"If you are an owner or a realtor that is looking to sell your house faster you come to the right place with Stately Home Staging they quick and effective, most house sells within a few weeks after being staged."

Sylvain Brouillette

Google Review

"HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!  This company is the real deal. I recently moved to CA from Las Vegas & needed to sell my home fast.  I didn't even think to stage it but after 6 weeks on the market my agent strongly suggested that my house be staged and that Stately was the company to go with.  I contacted them and a week later they transformed my home.  They did such an amazing job I was almost disappointed that I was selling it.  4 days later, an offer was made and accepted!!  Thank you to the entire Stately team for your awesome work!"

Cha Cha

Yelp Review