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Home Staging & Interior Design


Here at Stately Home Staging, we elevate the charm of your home to extraordinary levels, crafting visually stunning spaces that not only leave a lasting impression but also escalate the value of your home. Located in the heart of Las Vegas, our services extend to homes of all sizes and styles.


Your Dream Home Awaits


Your home is more than just a property; it's a personal reflection of you. Stately Home Staging blends your unique style with our professional expertise in home staging and interior design to create spaces that resonate with warmth, luxury, and inviting comfort.


Master the Art of First Impressions


In real estate, a stellar first impression is everything. We make every angle count, capturing the essence of your home through careful staging and appealing aesthetics. Our objective is simple - to make potential buyers fall in love at first sight.

Professional Home Staging Services


Home staging goes beyond tidying up and adding décor; it is a strategic process aimed at highlighting the best features of your home, enhancing its appeal to a broad spectrum of potential buyers. With Stately Home Staging, you’re entrusting your home to experienced hands that know how to strike a balance between creativity and practicality, drawing on the powerful psychological impact of design and aesthetics.

Interior Design that Speaks Volumes


Every home has a story, and our interior design services aim to tell yours. We transform empty spaces into well-thought-out layouts that are not just visually appealing but also highly functional. With a keen eye for detail and an eclectic range of home furnishings, we breathe life into your home, emphasizing its unique character and potential.

White-Glove Delivery Service


Our commitment to excellence isn't confined to just designing. Our dedication pervades every aspect of our service, even the delivery of your chosen furnishings. We meticulously ensure they arrive in impeccable condition, right at your doorstep. And we don't stop there - we also carefully set them up exactly as you imagined, achieving a perfect match to your envisioned design.

Experience the Stately Difference


Our team at Stately Home Staging brings years of experience and a keen understanding of the ever-evolving real estate market. With a reputation built on integrity, innovation, and impeccable service, we're proud to offer a home staging experience that is entirely unique to Las Vegas.


At Stately Home Staging, we firmly believe that our responsibility does not end once the designing phase is complete. In fact, our commitment to excellence is an all-encompassing journey that includes every aspect of our service, from the initial consultation to the final implementation.


One of the most critical stages of this journey is the delivery of your carefully chosen furnishings. We understand that each piece of furniture, each decorative accent, and each artifact you select is an investment, and we treat it as such. Our white-glove delivery service ensures that every item is handled with the utmost respect and care, from the moment it leaves our warehouse until it finds its perfect spot within your home.


But our job doesn't stop at mere delivery. We take it a step further to ensure that each piece is meticulously installed exactly as you envisioned. Our experienced team works diligently to set up your furnishings to match your design plan, carefully arranging each item to maximize the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your space. We pay attention to the smallest details, right down to the precise angle of your chairs and the perfect placement of your artwork, ensuring that every room resonates with the warm, welcoming charm that potential buyers find irresistible.


Our holistic approach ensures that the transformation of your home into a compelling, buyer-friendly space is a seamless, stress-free experience for you. When you choose Stately Home Staging, you're choosing a partner who shares your vision and is committed to realizing it with an unwavering dedication to excellence.


Experience the exceptional care and commitment that sets Stately Home Staging apart.

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Portrait of Ike Dweck, the guiding force and President of Stately Home Staging. Representing the core values of diversity, inclusivity, and innovation, Ike leads an unparalleled team of creative minds dedicated to showcasing every home's unique potential.

Ike Dweck



Meet Our Unparalleled Team


At the heart of Stately Home Staging stands an extraordinary ensemble of creative minds. Each member of our team embodies the apex of talent in their respective discipline, bringing forth not just unmatched expertise but also a vibrant medley of perspectives.

The diversity within our team is our strength. Our members hail from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, fostering an environment rich in creativity and innovation. This diverse tapestry of ideas and talents is what sets us apart, enabling us to look at every project from a multitude of angles and deliver results that transcend the ordinary.

We deeply value inclusivity in our workspace. This commitment is not just about ticking off a corporate box. Instead, we firmly believe in nurturing an atmosphere where every voice is heard, every idea is valued, and every team member feels a sense of belonging. This philosophy goes beyond our team and extends to our clients, ensuring that every project we undertake respects and reflects the diversity of the homeowners we serve.

When you choose Stately Home Staging, you're not just hiring a team; you're becoming a part of a vibrant, inclusive family that's passionately dedicated to bringing your home's potential to life.

Get to know us better, and let's create something extraordinary together.

Portrait of Jennifer Dweck, the meticulous and dedicated Project Manager at Stately Home Staging. Instrumental in ensuring each project runs seamlessly, Jennifer embodies the commitment to excellence and client satisfaction that Stately Home Staging stands for.

Jennifer Dweck


Project Manager

Portrait of Kelly Long, the talented Lead Interior Designer at Stately Home Staging. With a keen eye for detail and innovative design aesthetics, Kelly plays a pivotal role in transforming spaces and bringing each client's vision to life

Kelly Long


Lead Interior Designer

Portrait of Sarah Tannis, the diligent Executive Assistant at Stately Home Staging. Sarah's impeccable organizational skills and dedication ensure smooth operations and support for the entire team, playing a crucial behind-the-scenes role in our success.

Sarah Tannis


Executive Assistant

Portrait of Hailey J. Alvarado, the adept Director of Logistics at Stately Home Staging. Hailey's strategic oversight ensures seamless project executions, bridging the creative designs with efficient delivery, making each staging process streamlined and flawless.

Hailey J. Alvarado


Director of Logistics

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