Kelly Long


Lead Interior Designer

Lead Interior Designer at Stately Home Staging


In the dynamic world of interior design, Kelly Long stands out as a name synonymous with refined aesthetics and functional spaces. Currently positioned at Stately Home Staging in Las Vegas, Kelly seamlessly integrates the vibrant energy of the city with timeless designs to curate spaces that not only look stunning but also feel like home.



A Glimpse into Kelly's Interior Design Journey


A Decade of Refinement in Interior Design

With over a decade in the interior design industry, Kelly has meticulously honed her skills, with a distinct focus on mastering modern aesthetics.


Marrying Modern Designs with Timeless Appeal

Especially tailored for home staging, her approach emphasizes sleek, contemporary designs while giving a nod to timeless elements. This unique style is what sets Kelly's designs apart — they resonate with today's trends while retaining a touch of timeless appeal.



Las Vegas' Luminescence: How The City Shaped Kelly's Designs


Vibrancy of Vegas: Integrating Tranquillity and Luxury

Las Vegas, with its kaleidoscope of lights and colors, has deeply influenced Kelly's approach. She adeptly employs its vibrancy in her designs while ensuring a sense of tranquillity and luxury.


Stately Home Staging: Turning Vacant Properties into Desirable Homes

At Stately Home Staging, Kelly specializes in turning vacant properties into meticulously designed homes that potential buyers can instantly connect with. Her attention to detail, combined with an inherent talent for space planning, has resulted in increased property values and faster sales for numerous homeowners.



Dive into the World of Interior Design with Kelly's Blog


A Treasure Trove of Interior Design Insights

For those keen on staying abreast of the latest trends in interior design and home staging, Kelly's blog is a treasure trove of insights and inspirations.


Navigating the Latest Trends and Inspirations

Each post reflects her deep understanding of modern aesthetics and her experience in curating show-stopping spaces. Whether you're a homeowner looking to rejuvenate your space or a professional seeking fresh perspectives, her writings offer invaluable guidance.


Kelly's Blog: Your Portal to Transformative Spaces

Dive into Kelly's world by exploring her blog. Stay connected, be inspired, and watch your spaces transform with every read.


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  • Stately Home Staging modern living room setup.
  • Kelly's signature modern-meets-timeless interior space.

Kelly's Artistic Pursuits Beyond Interior Design


The Dance of Design: Kelly’s Performance in Las Vegas' Iconic Shows

Beyond her exceptional work in interior design, Kelly immerses herself deeply in the artistic realm of Las Vegas. A testament to her versatility and passion for the arts, she has showcased her talents as a dancer in some of Las Vegas's most iconic shows, including "Legends In Concert", "Sirens of TI", and "PEEPSHOW Las Vegas". Her commitment to both the visual and performing arts enriches her design sensibilities, bringing a unique flair and rhythm to every space she curates.



Engage with Kelly Long for a Touch of Elegance and Style


Turning Spaces into Narratives of Elegance and Comfort

For consultations or collaborations, Kelly Long can be reached at Stately Home Staging, where she continues to transform spaces into homes that narrate stories of elegance, comfort, and style.


Unveil the Las Vegas Magic in Your Interiors

Transform your space with a touch of Las Vegas magic and modern elegance. Connect with Kelly Long today, and bring your interior vision to life.