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Fabulous Yet Functional Interior Decorating In Las Vegas

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Looking To Spruce Up The Interior Of Your Home Or Business? 

Our professional interior designers, at Stately Staging in Las Vegas, understand the importance of having interior design elements that show off your personality and elevate the atmosphere of your space.


While interior design is commonly seen as simply increasing the visual appeal of your property, there are numerous benefits and advantages of implementing elegant interior design into your home or business. Don’t settle for a mismatched and dull interior design. Contact Stately Home Staging today to schedule a consultation! 

Time For A Redesign?


Feeling like your home or business is outdated, boring, or worn can affect your life in multiple ways — from your mood to your confidence. However, a professional interior redesign from Stately Staging will help you create a space that makes a statement to everyone that walks through it’s door.  Perhaps you haven’t gotten the chance to truly make your house your own or maybe you are starting your own business and want to offer a space that feels welcoming to your clients. If you can relate, it’s time for a redesign.

Clients Are Important


Each client of our interior agency is our best friend, whom we want to make an incredible gift through high-quality results.



Do you love experiments? It is an inevitable part of our everyday life. Creativity cant live without experimental approaches.

Personal Growth


Open the world of interior design with our company. Both our staff and clients are able to improve their personal architecture vision.

Benefits Of Interior Decorating

Benefits You Can Look Forward To

There are many benefits for having a professional interior decorator design your home. The process of updating and implementing these new features into your home or business may seem overwhelming at first, but that is where our interior designers at Stately Staging come in to make the process go smoothly so that you can simply enjoy the rewards that come with the finished product.

Continue reading below to learn more about the four main benefits of professional interior design. Contact our team at Stately Home Staging today with questions or comments about our interior design services!

 Increase Value

Keeping the interior of your home or business updated and fresh will ultimately add value to your property. First off, if you put in the time to decorate the interior of your property, most likely you stay up on the day to day upkeep that your home or business requires. This not only keeps things looking nice for your enjoyment, but it will also please potential buyers when the time comes to sell the home.


As the combination of interior design elements and proper upkeep attract more potential buyers, the value of your property will increase. Contact our Stately Staging team today for more information on increasing the value of your Las Vegas property! 

 Spark Inspiration

Having an elegantly designed interior of your home or business will help spark inspiration, creativity, and motivation. It may seem crazy that interior design can play a part in all of that, but it makes sense if you take a moment to think about it.


Being surrounded in creative design is known to help spark your creativity. This is not only true in the sense of wanting to continue adding complimentary design pieces to the rest of your property, but it also reflects into your social life and career. What you look at day-in and day-out will play a part in how you feel. Surrounding yourself in inspirational pieces that show off your personality, history, and interests will give you a mental boost, and allows you to share that inspiration and motivation with your loved ones.


A big part of interior design is getting rid of worn and outdated pieces so that you can bring in the new, beautiful pieces that elevate the aesthetic of your home or business. When you bring in these new pieces, it allows you to declutter and get rid of the old, unneeded pieces.


Decluttering not only helps to keep your property looking fresh and clean, but you’ll also see it play a part in how you feel mentally. At Stately Staging, it is our team’s mission is to not only create a beautiful interior design for your home or business, but to also share with you the many health benefits of getting rid of the old and adding modern, up-to-date pieces to your property.


One of the most obvious benefits of interior decorating is adding beauty to your home or business. If you feel like your property is simply missing something, redoing the interior design will freshen it up and show you a newfound appreciation for the space.


This will also give you the opportunity to incorporate pieces that reflect your past achievements, your family history, your personality, and more. As we mentioned above, these help to spark the motivation and inspiration needed to chase dreams and achieve goals, while also adding an element of comfort and peace to your home or business. Contact our team at Stately Staging today to get started on your interior redesign project!  

The Important Pieces To Successful Interior Design


There are a few major things that need to be taken into consideration when planning an interior design project. These may vary a bit depending on if you are designing a residential space or a commercial building as well as if you are designing a new construction space or an existing home or business. Contact our professional interior designers at Stately Home Staging today to learn more about our interior design services!


Beauty only gets you so far in the world of interior decorating as the design also has to allow the space to fulfill its functional duties. When designing a new construction building, it is especially important to plan out what the room’s purpose is and how the interior design plays into it to avoid having to complete major changes within the space later on.


For spaces that are already established, you may be completing an interior redesign to enhance the functionality of the room. In these cases, it is more about basing your design off of the space at hand. Things like appropriately sized furniture, furniture placement, innovative storage and organization pieces, as well as lighting design can all be game changers when it comes to a room’s functionality.  


Once you have a functional design, it is time to create an aesthetically pleasing room. Some may think of aesthetics as just something that is nice to look at, but it happens to be much more complex than that. Creating an aesthetically pleasing interior design means that it includes pieces that fully satisfy an individual's cravings for sight and hearing elements.


A pleasing aesthetic is fulfilled by an interior design that contains colors, textures, lights, and sounds that all exist in harmony. Our professional interior designers at Stately Staging are dedicated to bringing together these key elements by using items such as accent walls, artwork, throw pillows, baskets, lamps, water fountains, and more. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation.

Personal Style

While an aesthetically pleasing design is important, another vital part of interior design is style. This part is two-sided as it is important to show off your personal style within your space, but it is also important to create a style that works together and feels complete.


Creating a specific theme for your space will help to keep a similar style throughout the entire interior design of the room. Common themes are vintage, modern, rustic, industrial, and so on. Many people combine two or more general themes to create a unique look for their space. Once you confirm a theme, you can choose specifically styled items that fit into that theme. Struggling to create the style you are looking for? Our interior designers at Stately Home Staging are here to help!


One of the pieces to a successful interior design that we can’t stress enough is not cutting corners on the quality of the design or the craftsmanship. If you are looking for a high-quality, professional design for your space, hire professionals to get the job done right!


Professional interior designers, such as our experienced team at Stately home Staging, have the interior decorating knowledge that is needed to create an aesthetically pleasing space within your home or business. The other part of high-quality interior decorating is ensuring that you select items that are made with quality and care. Contact us in Las Vegas today to get started!

Interior Design Tips For Your Home


Interior decorating is a form of art that is often underappreciated or overlooked completely. The next time you walk into a room, take notice of what attracts your attention at first glance and how the space makes you feel. While it is important that the interior design of a room works together to form a larger scene, it is all made up of small and simple pieces.  Is your interior design just missing one or two elements to become the masterpiece you have envisioned? If so, check out the tips below for some inspiration on what elements you should consider adding to your home or business. Contact Stately Staging in Las Vegas today for more tips on how to elevate the interior design of your space!  


Lighting fixtures can not only act as an incredible design element in your space, but they also increase the functionality of the room when placed properly.


Give your space some natural life with the use of plants. They’re an easy and fun way to freshen up a room, while also adding the possibility of some beautiful colors.


Whether it be a painting, sculpture, or some other form of artwork, these pieces are a great way to show off your personal style and add some flare to your space.


Don’t be afraid to add some color, but be careful to not overdo it either. Tasteful accent walls, throw pillows, or window treatments can be used to add color and depth. 

Area Rugs

Especially in open floor plans with hardwood flooring, area rugs add an element of comfort and contrast to draw your attention to different parts of the room.

Hiring A Professional Interior Designer


DIY interior design is easier than ever. All you have to do is jump online to find endless design ideas, tips, and more. So why hire a professional interior designer if you can do it yourself? To start, interior designers are experienced and knowledgeable in this field, specifically. It is what they have dedicated their life and career to, and it is what they are most passionate about. These qualities bring an element to the table that you simply cannot find online or in doing the project yourself. The following are just a handful of the benefits you’ll receive by hiring a professional interior designer. Contact our team at Stately Home Staging today to schedule a consultation!


They’ll collaborate with you, while offering their professional advice, to create a design that both incorporates your personal style and allows the space to be functional.


You’ll save time as the interior designer will provide you with all the resources needed to choose the theme, colors, lighting elements, and more for your interior decorating.


Your project will stay on budget and on schedule. With the experience that they bring to the table, they will be able to provide you with accurate and reasonable estimates

One-Of-A-Kind Design

The interior design of your space will be unique. Yeah, you could go online and copy beat for beat another person’s design, but what is the fun in that? Make it your own.

Finishing Touches

A professional interior designer will help you make your space feel complete. They’ve done this a time or two before, so they will ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Choosing Stately Home Staging


At Stately Home Staging in Las Vegas, we offer interior design services of every size. Whether you are looking to completely redesign your space or you simply need help choosing the right pieces to complete your interior design, our team of professional interior designers is here to help you!


With more than 20 years of experience in home staging, our team knows the ins and outs of interior design like the back of their hand. No matter what theme or style you are searching for, we will bring top-tier customer service, high-end products and materials, and high-quality craftsmanship to each and every project. Start your journey to a luxuriously designed space that looks incredible and is fully functional. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!


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