Home Staging

Make a stunning first impression with Stately Home Staging with professional home staging services.

Picture Perfect

Ever wondered how you can get a picture perfect looking home?

You know those that look like they came straight out of a catalog? At Stately Home Staging in Las Vegas, our team combines our knowledge of interior design with the care and attentiveness of a white glove delivery service to provide you with top-quality home staging services.

Obtain a home interior design that will leave every potential buyer in awe, wondering how you accomplished it. Contact our team at Stately Home Staging today to learn more about our home staging services and to schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can serve you!

Why Staged A Home?


Simply put, home staging can give your house the transformation it needs to make it stand out. This can be extremely valuable when it comes to attracting potential buyers. No matter what your needs consist of, Stately Staging will help take the stress of a picture perfect home off of your shoulders by handling all the hard work for you. A professionally staged home offers a multitude of benefits and advantages that make it an investment that’s worth every penny. Contact us today to get started!

Clients Are Important


Each client of our interior agency is our best friend, whom we want to make an incredible gift through high-quality results.



Do you love experiments? It is an inevitable part of our everyday life. Creativity cant live without experimental approaches.

Personal Growth


Open the world of interior design with our company. Both our staff and clients are able to improve their personal architecture vision.

Staging A Home to Sell


When you bought your house, you began to make it look like your own and feel like home to you. However, when you are trying to sell a home, potential buyers are looking at the house trying to envision it as their home, not yours.


With the techniques and knowledge used in professional home staging, our stagers are able to make your home look appealing to the majority of buyers. This brings many benefits when it comes to successfully closing on your house so that you can begin the next chapter of your life. Continue reading to learn about all the benefits of staging homes for sale. Contact us today with questions or comments!

 Great First Impression 

Home staging allows you as a homeowner or realtor to take photos of your staged home to use online or in pamphlets to make a great first impression to potential buyers. This first impression is one of the most important pieces in selling a home. When your home looks well-maintained and contains professional interior design elements, it will help it stand out—making it difficult for buyers to forget about it.


When you are buying a home, there’s often that one house that you just can’t stop thinking about, and that normally becomes the one that you end up buying. When you choose our stagers at Stately Staging in Las Vegas, you can rest assured that the house you’re trying to sell will stand out and make a lasting impression on potential buyers. 

 A Spacing Visual 

As we mentioned above, buyers are trying to visualize this house as their home. While some people are very good at spatial visualization, many are not and that can hurt you as the seller. In homes where the current homeowners leave all the furniture, it may seem cluttered and cause the space to seem smaller than it really is—making it unappealing to many potential buyers.


On the other hand, if the space is completely cleared out, potential buyers may have a difficult time imagining what it will look like once they put their furniture in the space. Our stagers, at Stately Staging, have extensive knowledge about the placement of staging furniture and decor to purposefully influence the way that potential buyers perceive the space. This can be used to help smaller spaces look larger as well as offering a simply elegant looking space.

  Higher Offers 

Many homeowners are hesitant when it comes to investing money into professional home staging, because why put any more money than necessary into a house that you are selling? While a very valid question, home staging has the potential of getting you higher offers on the house—making it a worthy investment.


Much like repairs and home improvements, staging a home for sale will make it more valuable to potential buyers. Home staging helps declutter the home, adds appealing interior design elements, and makes it look like a well-kept home, which allows potential buyers to see the house as more valuable. This leads to higher offers on the home, and in return, makes the investment of home staging well worth your time and money. 

  Sells Faster 

Creating a home that leaves a lasting first impression on potential buyers by creating a visually pleasing experience not only increases your chances of getting higher offers on your home, but it also helps you get more offers on the home when it goes on the market.


When you are able to get multiple offers on a home, the probability of selling the house faster greatly increases. If you are needing or wanting to sell a house as fast as possible, statistics show that staging a home before putting it on the market, gets more results than staging a home after it has been on the market for a while. In other words, investing in home staging right from the start is the best route to take when wanting to take advantage of this great benefit. Contact Stately Home Staging in Las Vegas today to get started!

Our Home Staging Services


At Stately Home Staging, we offer staging services for both single room stagings as well as complete home stagings. Perhaps there are just one or two problem areas in the home that need to be resolved before you feel comfortable listing the home. Our professional stagers have got you covered! These staging designs allow you to hand over your space to the professionals to receive what feels like a completely new space. Selling a home comes with enough hassles as it is, let us take some of that weight off your shoulders. Contact our professional home stagers in Las Vegas today to learn more about our home staging services!

Complete Home Staging

What Does Complete Home Staging Entail?

Whether you are a realtor or a homeowner looking to sell your home quickly and at an increased sales price, Stately Staging offers complete and thorough staging services. From fixtures to floors, we guarantee that your home will look dignified and beautiful by the time our stagers are finished with it. That may seem like a big promise, but we stand by it. Let’s break down our home staging services room by room.

Living Area


From formal living rooms to family rooms, we offer staging furnishings such as lighting fixtures, artwork, couches, chairs, end tables, entertainment centers, rugs, and more!

Kitchen & Dining


Whether you are looking for a contemporary style or a rustic feel, we have dining sets, bar stools, wall art, centerpieces, area rugs, and more for each and every type of kitchen! 



Your bedroom is your personal oasis. Fill it with elegant bedroom sets, night stands, armoires, pictures, and artwork that fits your style and personality perfectly!



Offices are a great addition to any home, and a great selling point too. Furnish them with luxurious desks, chairs, decorative artwork, and shelving from Stately Staging!



From storage and organizers to hide all the bathroom necessities to stand-alone vanities and mirrors, we will make your bathroom into a place that you never want to leave!



Sstaging outdoor spaces is just as important as staging indoors.  Whether you are selling a condo with a small balcony or a house with a spacious yard, staging these spaces creates interest and a lot of value to your home.

Simple Tips For A Successfully Staged Home


There are many secrets to the magic of home staging. At Stately Staging, it is our mission to give you a space that appeals to a wide audience and easily attracts potential buyers. Below, you will find some of the basic tips that our experienced team at Stately Staging uses when staging a home, no matter what style or feel you are looking for in the end result. Contact us today with any questions or comments!

1. Use beautiful storage items to hide clutter, while adding a touch of style and personality to the space.

2. Use natural light to your advantage to shine in and show off the inherent beauty of your space.

When selling, keep the color of design elements neutral to appeal to the largest audience possible.

4. While keeping things neutral, do not shy away from adding a splash of color to spice things up.

5. Use candles or take the time to bake something to fill the space with a comforting scent.

6. Pay attention to the small details, whether that be adding fruit to the fruit bowl or setting out throw pillows.

A Deeper Look Into Home Staging

Home staging has the capability to provide many vital aspects to a space that is elegant and stylish. Not only can it help sell a home faster, but it does so by creating a new love for an old, rundown space. Create a home design that looks like it came straight out of a catalog!

When you are proud of the design and look of your home that's for sale, it elevates it to levels that you cannot imagine. Not only do you enjoy every moment spent in it, but you enjoy showing it off. This new-found confidence has been known to spread into other parts of your life to make an even greater impact. Begin your journey to an interior home design that you are proud of by contacting Stately Staging in Las Vegas today!

Home Staging Services

The Stately Home Staging Difference


Not only are we dedicated to helping you add value to your home and sell it faster; at Stately Home Staging, we are also dedicated to providing the customer service experience that you deserve. The happiness of our clients is one of the most important things to our team, and the most rewarding too!


Besides our top-tier customer service, we set ourselves apart by making all of our staging furniture and decor available for purchase. For real estate staging, this means that if you have a buyer that falls in love with the design exactly how it looks at the open house, you are able to sell it as-is with everything included. This lowers the chance of buyers being disappointed and gives you an even better reputation as a realtor.


No matter how big your staging project or what your end-goal is, our team at Stately Home Staging is here to serve you and find lasting solutions for your needs. Contact us today to schedule your home staging consultation!


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