Interior Design

Explore the world of interior design through the lens of home staging with Stately Home Staging.

  • In the vibrant backdrop of Las Vegas, Kelly Long of Stately Home Staging stands out as the premier choice for interior design in 2023. Her bespoke designs, mastery over trends and classics, and an unwavering commitment to quality have garnered her numerous accolades. From home staging, commercial spaces to renovations, Kelly's touch is evident in every project she undertakes.

  • Home staging is emerging as a dominant trend in the real estate market for 2023. As buyers increasingly start their property search online, first impressions become paramount. Investing in home staging has been shown to yield significant returns, with staged homes selling faster and often at higher prices than their non-staged counterparts. From impactful stats to the undeniable ROI, discover why home staging is no longer an option, but a necessity for sellers.

  • The article delineates the primary differences between Home Staging and Interior Design, explaining how the former appeals to potential buyers while the latter encapsulates personal aesthetics. From understanding their core essence to real-world applications, the article provides a comprehensive take on these home enhancement techniques.

Discover our collection of blog posts focused on interior design. At Stately Home Staging, we delve into design trends, principles, and innovative ideas that not only beautify homes but also enhance their market appeal. Our articles offer a unique perspective on interior design, intertwining aesthetics with the strategic goal of attracting potential buyers.