Feathertree Ave

At 12,000 sq ft this house was huge to say the least, we had plenty of space to play with!  The foyer was no exception.  Upon entering this home we had 4 areas to stun and welcome our guests.  The entryway table was kept elegant and modern.  The first room off the foyer was an office.  It was a light and well lit room, so we added bold colored chairs with a white sleek office desk. We accessorized the desk with a big coffee table book and paper weight.


The next room off the foyer was the library.  It didn’t have windows, it had rows and rows of warm colored wood shelves with a movable ladder.  We needed to fill these shelves with books and cool accent pieces.  Then we needed a great sofa, a special room calls for a special couch!  And the clock…. Wow!  This room is unique and we were proud to present it at its full potential.


The last areas off the foyer were the living room and bar area.  We hope that anyone that looks at this area loves it as much as we do!  This was the heart of the home, anyone that entered this home would be drawn in to this very spot.  We used 2 couches and 2 accent chair to fill up this area, light colored furniture was necessary to contrast the darker colored wood in this home, as well as pop in front of the backyard window.


The kitchen was fairly dark so we added light colored furniture and accessories.  We added a big piece of greenery and a bowl full of lemons.  We love for people to envision themselves actually cooking, eating, drinking and gathering in the kitchens, we usually have a recipe book open to a delicious dish or a cutting board and cooking utensils set up.  Let’s everyone feel like it’s ready to move in!