Tournament Canyon Drive

We had a lot of fun with this house!  It boasted awesome floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room and kitchen nook, and we wanted to preserve the beautiful backdrop it provided when we were staging.  We used low profile couches in front of the large windows.  The couches we chose had smooth lines and brought a modern and updated feel that the house called for.  The light colored kitchen chairs and table kept the airy and bright feeling consistent as the family room flowed into the kitchen.  We finished off the bar and kitchen with accessories that welcomed anyone to craft a daring cocktail or whip up a gourmet meal in these areas.

The master bedroom had concrete-like floors and a great layout, it just needed some warming up.  We started by softening up the room with an area rug and upholstered bed.  We added rows of plush pillows and a couple throws.  In the corner of the bedroom we created a reading nook by adding a good sized upholstered accent chair with signature accents like a candle and books.  It’s important to draw people in, picture themselves living in and enjoying the home, a reading nook is a perfect opportunity to do that.

The master bathroom was a great space, but needed some updating.  We brought floral accents in along with plenty of white towels, a vanity set and large candlesticks.  The fireplace sat in the middle of the bedroom and bathroom and once we turned it on, no one could  resist this master suite retreat!