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  • This article delves into the dynamic and evolving world of home staging in Las Vegas for 2024. It highlights the top five trends shaping the industry: bold color accents, the integration of sustainable and natural elements, maximizing natural light, creating luxurious yet livable spaces, and crafting personalized spaces. These trends reflect a move towards designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable, functional, and tailored to individual lifestyles, promising a vibrant and innovative year ahead in home staging.

  • The article highlights the sophisticated home staging of Jerry Lewis' former residence in Las Vegas by Stately Home Staging. This six-bedroom, six-bathroom estate in the Scotch 80s neighborhood is listed for $2.5 million by Nate Strager of Luxury Estates International. Stately Home Staging has invested $40,000 in enhancing the home's appeal, including landscaping and interior décor adjustments. The property, featuring a petrified wood fireplace and views of downtown Las Vegas, has undergone ownership changes since Lewis' 2017 passing. An open house is scheduled for February, showcasing the blend of historical significance and contemporary staging.

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