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  • The article highlights the sophisticated home staging of Jerry Lewis' former residence in Las Vegas by Stately Home Staging. This six-bedroom, six-bathroom estate in the Scotch 80s neighborhood is listed for $2.5 million by Nate Strager of Luxury Estates International. Stately Home Staging has invested $40,000 in enhancing the home's appeal, including landscaping and interior décor adjustments. The property, featuring a petrified wood fireplace and views of downtown Las Vegas, has undergone ownership changes since Lewis' 2017 passing. An open house is scheduled for February, showcasing the blend of historical significance and contemporary staging.

  • The article explores how Stately Home Staging customizes their staging approach for each property. While specific methods of Stately Home Staging aren't detailed, typical strategies in professional home staging are discussed. These include understanding the target market, assessing the property's style and architecture, highlighting key features, addressing flaws, keeping up with local market trends, considering budget and ROI, selecting appropriate furniture and decor, choosing the right color palette and lighting, incorporating feedback from real estate agents and sellers, and acknowledging cultural and regional considerations. These elements are combined by professional stagers to enhance each property's appeal to potential buyers.

  • In the vibrant backdrop of Las Vegas, Kelly Long of Stately Home Staging stands out as the premier choice for interior design in 2023. Her bespoke designs, mastery over trends and classics, and an unwavering commitment to quality have garnered her numerous accolades. From home staging, commercial spaces to renovations, Kelly's touch is evident in every project she undertakes.

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